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Faster and Better ROI

Franzen Graphics understands that your success relies on the creation and delivery of on-time, cost-effective brand environments. We have experts ready to serve you in both indoor and outdoor visual communications programs. Our digital print division delivers eye-popping images with bright, consistent, and accurate colors. Our technology allows us to print directly to almost any rigid or flexible surface. With dependable production-level speeds and fast change over between jobs, the Franzen Graphics team will become your go-to secret weapon.

We know the decision to choose the appropriate commercial printer for your job is not easy. We also know that customers are price sensitive. Franzen Graphics works very hard to keep costs low and competitive, but our primary focus is on how fast we can get you your products. At Franzen Graphics, we’ve helped thousands of customers on very tight deadlines. We’re always ready to talk about your goals and how Franzen Graphics can help.

Our Specifications

Print On Almost Any Surface

Large Volume Digital Presses Min Sheet Max Image Max Sheet Max Thickness
Lower Volume 11" x 17" 49.6" x 99.2" 49.6" x 99.2" 1.89"
Medium to High Volume 18" x 24" 126" x Any 126.5" x Any 2.00"

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