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Screen Printing Options For Unique Needs

Screen Printing for Specific Applications

Sometimes customers have unique applications that only Screen Printing can deliver. Digital tends to be the most cost-effective for 90% of customers; however, when needed, Franzen Graphics provides state of the art in-line screen press products. Screen printed materials we provide have many benefits, including quality and in some cases lower cost. This makes screen printing a viable alternative for specific applications. Screen printing can yield better color results and higher production speeds on a variety of different materials.

One of the main benefits of screen printing is the amount of ink coverage, producing a superior image quality. Leveraging a screen printing process, Franzen Graphics can deliver high-quality products, especially in scenarios like when large signs need small fonts or fine detail. Additionally, screen printing on larger volumes is a better option when specific neon colors may be required.

Screen Printing with Our Partners

Screen Printing Order Specification

Screen Presses Min Sheet Max Image Max Sheet Min Thickness Max Thickness Colors
Option 1 11" x 17" 39" x 60" 40" x 62" 0.002" 0.75" 6
Option 2 18" x 38" 57" x 76" 60" x 80" 0.004" 0.1875" 5
Option 3 22" x 38" 58" x 118" 60" x 120" 0.004" 0.75" 5
Option 4 22" x 38" 58" x 144" 60" x 146" 0.004" 0.75" 5
Option 5 22" x 38" 53" x 124" 54" x 126" 0.004" 1" 1

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