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Short-Term Storage Package Franzen Graphics Storage Options

We Will Short-Term Store Your Order and Partners for Long-Term Storage

Franzen Graphics understands that if Cash being King, Space is the Queen. We also know that our customers like volume discounts, and sometimes can't use all the produced materials immediately. Franzen Graphics is happy to offer two convenient solutions.

Franzen provides short-term storage solutions. When we produce materials, we are happy to hold the items in-house for up to 90 days, free of charge. We can ship it out over those 90 days as you see fit. However, after 90 days, our free solution expires, and we recommend you use one of our long-term warehousing and fulfillment partners.

For long-term storage and fulfillment, we can work on your behalf with our fulfillment partners, or you can direct as well. We have a strong recommendation on who to use, a company that has been a friend of Franzen Graphics for a very long time.

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