Print Isn't Dead

Print Isn't Dead

Today, you are likely to hear a particular phrase muttered at least once in any industry. That phrase is “Print is dead.” Since the early 2000’s, the arrival of digital media has meant the apocalyptical end of print to many.

However, life finds a way. Printed media, that dinosaur you thought extinct, has been re-engineered for today's branding and marketing purposes. Here are some ways printed media keeps your brand alive and thriving amongst the wildlands of digital marketing.

Create Something Tangible. Printed materials are physical beings in their own right. While an internet advertisement can be skipped, closed out, and lost to cyberspace, magazines, newspapers, and brochures can remain in houses or offices for years. Therefore, they are more likely to be returned to and referenced.

Print Retains Credibility. Target audiences are not in any danger from print ads. There are no pop-up ads, distracting sign-up boxes, and no fears of receiving abundances of spam. Taking the time to print the material alone adds credibility to its source (your brand).

Print Solidifies Your Brand. Using consistent fonts, images, colors, and tone will solidify your brand's identity across various mediums. This will enforce the idea that your brand is organized and efficient.

Effective Target Marketing. You can reach targeted niches through print ads. For example, if your brand gears towards outdoor hobbyists, you can target that audience by placing an advertisement in an outdoors-oriented publication. This is more effective towards targeting your audience than trying to compete with every brand under the sun on Facebook.

Fewer Print Ads Mean More Opportunity. As more and more companies abandon print, it becomes more of an advantage for the wise marketer who steps out of the box to utilize the form. Publications become less crowded, so your ad or feature will stand out more. Plus, it’s cheaper!

Printed brochures, advertisements, direct mail campaigns and more all offer a more personal experience to your target audience. While digital media is the fast, drive-thru form of marketing and communication, print is the sit-down and have an excellent meal medium. It's the quality experience that your target audience will take home and retain from your brand that will make them more likely to visit (and bring along their friends.)

An effective marketing strategy will utilize both printed and digital media in ways that will capture an audience’s attention and create an emotional impact.