What it looks like when a commercial printer pivots production to make an impact on a global pandemic.

What it looks like when a commercial printer pivots production to make an impact on a global pandemic.

While some may think that there isn't much a commercial printer could do to make an impact on a global pandemic, our owners at Franzen Graphics didn't let that stop their innovative spirit and community focus.

When we heard about the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic, our team pivoted production to design and engineer face shields producing over ten thousand face shields a day for essential workers all over the U.S.

Within 72 hours, we not only engineered the face shields but found ways to streamline production and distribution to make them less expensive and faster than many other production facilities could. We've always had a strong commitment to giving back to our community, and it is the expertise, agility, and innovation of our team that has enabled us to make a significant impact in protecting our health care workers so they can save lives while protecting their own.

To date, we've shipped over 150,000 units to some of the nation's largest hospital systems, including HSHS Hospital system and Mt. Sinai hospital in New York, NY, which is one of the regions most impacted by the virus.

We have expanded our production to make these high-grade face shields available to people and businesses outside of the health care industry. Visit our online shop to get protection for you and your employees (while supply lasts).

"Wherever Franzen Graphics and their parent company, Sun Graphics Media, can provide support for those on the front lines of this battle, we will," said Justin Webb, owner and president of Franzen Graphics, a Sun Graphics Media Company. "It is our goal that our face shields can be part of the solution to win the war against COVID-19."

What makes Franzen Graphics a great commercial printing company on any given day - our quality production, agility, operational excellence, and innovative solutions – it is also these traits that allow us to make an impact when it matters most. How can we help you? Contact us.